The Great Rodent Mystery

This morning I found a dead mouse downstairs – Summer, our cat, had likely scared it to death sometime during the night. Poor thing. I put it in the garbage.

Thankfully I had time for a morning walk (by myself). On my walk, I found another type of rodent, dead on the sidewalk. During my walk I decided that it would be fun to take the unknown rodent home and do a comparison study between the mouse and the mystery rodent I had found. I used some leaves and a discarded candy box to take it home during the latter half of my trek.

I gathered the kids on the back porch.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We made a list of differences between the two critters. We then sketched them. We researched via internet what the unknown rodent could be, and after some searching we discovered that it most resembled a Northern Short-tailed shrew. We learned a few interesting facts about said shrew via Wikipedia. And finally, after our science observation was done, we buried them back in the earth from whence they had come.

I LOVE this stuff!!!

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