A neighbour emptied her backyard pool in preparation for a new season. Out with the gallons of water came thousands and thousands of tadpoles!!! They were being washed down the sewer so we saved as many as we could in several different containers.

Now the challenge has been to keep them alive…. Research on the internet led to several sites that all suggested lettuce for them to eat. I spent the following morning washing lettuce from our garden, boiling it, cooling it, and freezing some of it for later.  We also prepared non-chlorinated water in order to give them clean water to live in. On day 2 we had to dig a mass burial grave for many of the little taddies. 😦   As of today, day 3, we have some still alive. Some are growing their little hind legs. Not sure at what point I need to switch to more of a ‘carnivorous’ diet for them. More research to do… 



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