More fun with hieroglyphics!

Last week we did some cool cuneiform letters on clay tablets. This week we finally got to doing our hieroglyphics on papyrus paper. We happened to have pomegranate for breakfast and used the extra juice as ink to colour our paper. : )  We talked about how the Egyptians couldn’t just go to the store and buy paper, but that they had to make it themselves. (Not easy! Phew!) We also discussed what they may have used as inks – mainly pigments from plants. My original plan had been to try to re-create these pigments, however, I thought that using brushes and pigments might frustrate the kids more than not… we used pencil instead, in order to draw the pictographs which can sometimes be a bit tricky!

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  1. godmadeknown said,

    November 14, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    Cool artwork and great use of the pomegranates! I heard some Hebrew legends about the number of pomegranate seeds being meaningful somehow but can’t remember what it was. Something to look into!

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