This morning we were all antsy for some outdoor fresh air and activity. We have been reading this book, Gold Rush Fever by Barbara Greenwood, in preparation for our upcoming trip where we will be panning for gold. We were reading about the Gold Rush of 1897-98 when everyone rushed to Dawson, Yukon territory to stake gold claims. The “stampeders” (as they were called) had to ascend the mountains, carrying all their goods and supplies for a year with them. They went up 3km of Long Hill and from there up a set of 1500 stairs, called ‘The Golden Stairs‘ to reach Chilkoot Pass. In order to simulate this experience of the Golden Stairs, we headed for the longest set of stairs in Guelph. We packed a bag of 10lb potatoes in the knapsack to carry. And we climbed the stairs (100 in all). Dawson decided to climb 1000 stairs, so he went up (and down!) 10 times. It was a great way to remember a bit more about some history in a very physical way. As well, it was a great way to burn off some cabin-fever energy! 🙂

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