Easter Eggs, the paper mache way!

This morning I felt a little bit frazzled by all the mess surrounding me on all sides. I didn’t have a well-thought-out plan for the morning either, besides our usual music, math and phonics time. One of the kids suggested making paper mache balloon eggs to celebrate Easter! My first thought was, “Ugh! Mess! Do we really need more mess??!”  and my second thought was, “Hey, why not?!?” I had not attempted paper mache since my own elementary school days, so after a quick Google search we began. We used flour and water to make our paste. It was goopy and goo-y and so much fun!  The only catch is that due to the necessity of creating several layers of gooped-up, pasted-on newspaper strips, we have to dry our balloons in between. This means several days of goopy, messy, pasty mess before the layers will be done. But, as I’m just along for the ride here, may as well enjoy it, right? 🙂

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